Jan 03, 2004: O2XMapper 0.3 release now available, this release provides support for direct mapping of public variables and several other features. For more information click here
June 29,2003: O2XMapper 0.2 release now available, this release provides support for container and location attributes. For more information click here
Dec 02, 2002:
JDOMapper 0.1a release is now available. For more information click here
Nov 02, 2002:O2XMapper 0.1 final release is now available, several new features in this release. View Change Log
Oct 14, 2002: O2XMapper User Guide now available.

What is it?

O2XMapper provides a user interface for Mapping Java Objects to XML. The application allows user to import Java classes and map them to an XML schema by generating a Castor XML mapping file. The tool performs series of validations to ensure that classes and fields are correctly mapped. Existing mapping files can also be imported into the tool.

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O2XMapper User Guide

Why is it needed?

Castor XML provides an powerful means of mapping objects to xml. However creating the mappings by hand is error prone. O2XMapper will pre-fill most of the options for a class or field. In addition several types of validation is carried out at each level to ensure correct mapping. Finally, the User interface provides a more manageable view of the Mapping configuration, especially as the number of mapped classes grows large.

What does it look like?

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Development Team

Shelly Mujtaba

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